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Chipperfield Commemorates Two World Wars

1st of September 2014

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 November

The village hall will host a new production to mark the centenary of 1914 which saw the start of the First World War followed only 20 years later by the Second World War. A large number of men from Chipperfield and the surrounding villages played their part, including many who laid down their lives in the service of their country.
The production, written and performed by local enthusiasts, will commemorate the Christmas truce in 1914; it will chronicle the armistice of 1918 and the uneasy inter war years and then present the Second World War as it affected the village and those who lived through the blitz and the threat of invasion, the Battle of Britain, the war in North Africa and the Far East, D-day and the final victory in 1945. Many will remember the presentation, by the same team, in 2008 to commemorate the Great War. This production will carry on the story and show the modern day village which emerged from those years of terrible conflict that took the lives of many of its young men.

All proceeds will go to The Royal British Legion which continues to care for those still affected by the two world wars and other conflicts which have followed.
Tickets: Anne Wyburd 01923 267515 from 1 October.
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