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1st of September 2014

As the summer is at its end I wanted to tell you about ours. Some of you may know, and I did tell a lot of people, that we as a family had two holidays this year (well one at the time of writing so all below may become waffle). That may be the normal state of affairs for some of you and I don’t write this as a criticism at all, but OUR first holiday consisted of 4 hours at Luton Airport. Not the paradise destination advertised in many a glossy magazine or website, but one we frequented nonetheless.

It happened that after check-in and during the normal loitering before departure, number one son glanced at the departure board and stated that our flight had been cancelled. The first thought was, we have brought up our children properly and trust them to tell the truth and not to wind people up, so we believed him (I’m not saying anything!). In any event, after the usual chaos that ensues when this type of thing happens, (and it doesn’t help when, to quote scripture, ‘the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’), we finally arrived back home a few quid lighter and with no holiday to look forward to.

This is where you all say, AH SHAME! And feel sorry for us. But don’t. Once calm had returned and I read the terms and conditions (very rare I know) we were able to rebook our flights in the height of the season at no extra cost. We still feel the pain of the events and still carry the scars but we now have a holiday that we wouldn’t have had before and I can’t quite help thinking that it will be the better for it. Of course there are several spiritual lessons to learn from these events but I will leave you to decide whether you want to discover them or not.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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