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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of July 2014

Originating from urban Watford, it was a delight to move to Chipperfield over 45 years ago. People actually said good morning to you and there was a lovely ‘village feeling’ – and still is.

Recently I watched a TV news report of the plight of refugees desperately attempting to get to Europe which made me feel doubly blessed to be living in the UK (shortcomings and all) and this wonderful village.

So – what makes Chipperfield so special? To me, it’s an amalgamation of things, which are too numerous to name, but here are a few: friendly people, a good choice of shops (use them or lose them!), pubs, clubs and places to eat. Plus we have a lovely school, the common and three churches.

For many years I thought of St. Paul’s as a nice little village church, a pretty building gracing the common. Now that I am a regular member of the congregation, I know that St Paul’s offers so much more that that. Although God is everywhere (not just in church!), it’s a great catalyst for worship and fellowship and I feel extremely fortunate to be a member of our village church ‘family’.

The door into St Paul’s is open every day. Please feel welcome to step inside your village church for a few moments, take a pew and just ‘be’.
Ann Waine, Churchwarden

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