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Roman Catholic Church

1st of June 2014

Moving in line to receive Holy Communion, I was distracted by a glimpse of someone who looked strangely familiar. Surely that must be a member of the Cantwell family; perhaps a nephew? The familiar stranger was Fr. Terry himself, not quite restored to health, looking slim, even ‘craggy’.

Everyone was so pleased to see him, even though it was to say “Good-bye”. He intends to stay with his sister a little longer and then retire to Ireland. He has promised to visit us, often we hope. We have been lucky in our Cantwells.

Lucky also that the Cantwells were Salvatorians as it is Salvatorian priests who are saying Mass for us until our new priest finishes his course at St Mary’s, Twickenham, and is able to take over.

Typically, Fr. Terry asked for our prayers, not only for himself but for Dr Trish Scanlon from the Children’s Cancer hospital in Dar es Salaam who has herself had a recurrence of cancer. Dr Scanlon has visited our Church on several occasions to thank us for supporting the Cancer Ward and to tell us about the improvements made.

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