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Motorbike Ride

1st of June 2014

When my daughter Emma, who has Downs Syndrome, casually mentioned that she would like to have a ride on a motorbike for her birthday, I racked my brains to think how I could achieve this.

I tried Red Letter Days but they were very expensive and the ride was two hours long which would have been too much for Emma.

I asked friends who had motorbikes but they did not feel it was something they could do but one suggested I contacted Herts, Beds and Bucks Bikers.

Having lived in Chipperfield in the days when bikers ruined the peace of every Wednesday evening roaring to and from Sarratt and doing wheelies down Dunny Lane, I had preconceived ideas about what sort of people they would be and did not hold out much hope.

I emailed Stevie, the contact for the group, and received the most fantastic reply; warm, friendly and happy to do whatever he could to make Emma’s dream come true.
We arranged a date and the weekend before the lovely Dawnie from Stevenage visited Emma in her flat in Letchworth to kit her out with helmet, jacket and trousers…and a set for me as well!

The day came and we assembled out side Emma’s flat to await the arrival of the motorbikes. We heard a roar and suddenly one bike appeared followed by another, and another and another, on and on until thirty or more throbbing bikes had arrived. Emma was crying with joy by this time and it was all very emotional!

She was placed on a Harley and I was on a Triumph and we roared off for an amazing ride of a lifetime escorted by thirty other bikes.

The bikers were all wonderful people and really did make Emma’s dream come true. At the end she was presented with a H.B.B.B badge and sticker to prove she really was a ‘biker chick’! Popsi Stokes

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