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June In Your Garden

1st of June 2014

Seasons just fly by and we are already nearly half way through this gardening year. The months of June, July and August are usually frost free so we can really get down to planting with safety!

The flower garden.
Plant out dahlias, fuchsias, geraniums and all the usual bedding plants in beds, borders, window boxes and containers. Put out the hanging baskets making sure that the brackets are firm and strong and keep them watered and fed with a liquid feed from time to time. Water and feed all plants grown in pots and containers. Roses will need to be sprayed regularly against pests and diseases and should be fed with Toprose fertilizer and dead headed regularly. Prune weigelias, brooms, deutzia, philadelphus, ribes and forsythia after flowering and feed shrubs with Vitax Q4 or Toprose fertilizer. Feed rhododendrons and azaleas with ericaceous feed. Clip box pyramids, balls and dwarf hedges but leave cutting large hedges until birds have finished nesting. Stake and support tall growing shrubs and perennials and mulch around them to help moisture conservation.

Fruit and vegetables.
Start to pick strawberries and raspberries and cover with netting to keep the birds off. Strawberry runners can be rooted and potted ready for planting out for next season. Plant out runner beans, marrows and courgettes, outdoor tomatoes and ridge cucumbers and make further sowings of runner beans plus dwarf beans, carrots, peas, swede and sweet corn. Plant Brussels sprouts, leeks and winter cabbage and sow salad crops regularly plus catch crops. Earth up the potatoes and start to harvest new potatoes. Watch for the caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly and remove them and cover brassicas with netting which should help. Put codling moth traps up into fruit trees, if not already done, and thin out the fruit if the natural ‘June drop’ is not sufficient. Carry on with weeding, feeding and watering the vegetable garden regularly.

The greenhouse
Tomatoes will need to be tied up and side shoots will need to be removed and always water tomatoes regularly and feed with liquid feed such as Tomorite. There is still time to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and peppers in pots and growbags. Always watch for greenhouse whitefly and put up sticky traps which often help. Keep the greenhouse well ventilated and damp down during hot spells.

Lawn and garden.
Cut lawns regularly but never cut grass too short and avoid watering. Turf or sow new grass areas and these should be watered for just a couple of weeks. Apply fertilizer from time to time but not in dry weather. Keep gardens tidy and remove pond weed from ponds at all times.
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