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1st of June 2014

This summer we cannot avoid talking about a certain sporting event that surpasses all others, even the Olympics. We may rejoice or bemoan it. It is a sport that produces emotions of great solidarity and fellowship. It causes grown men to both weep with elation and anguish in equal measure. It is a sport which, like no other, creates feelings of adoration and revulsion, depending on your inclination. I am, of course, talking about the world dominoes championship held over the 11th and 12th of July in Andalusia, Spain.

Go on, admit it, quite a few thought I was going to say the FIFA World Cup in Brazil? However, there is always something in our lives that grabs our mind, body and soul like no other. It can be sport, family, job, or …(you fill in the gaps). Whatever it is, we can be held fast and dominated by it like nothing else. Humans do not seem to be able to help themselves. We want to have something that means so much to us that it will take up a huge amount of our time, energy and devotion and, be honest, when we sit down and think hard about it we will know what it is that does this to us. We are often addicted.

When it comes to these things we, like addicts, will always prioritise our situations accordingly. How we allot our time, energy or devotion will show us, and others, where our priorities truly lie. In the words of Neil from the ‘young ones’, I am not trying to bring you down and hassle you but we all need to come clean and not pretend that we don’t do this. Being honest might then enable us to reorganise, reshape or reprioritise what is truly important.

Jesus said in the gospels, “that you cannot serve two masters”, one will always take precedence over anything else. However, there will also always be a chance to do the better thing. There is nothing wrong in wanting one thing over another but there is always going to be the choice of which one is better. We are not forced to make that choice but I am confident that we are capable of recognising the better choice. Oh! And by the way, “C’mon England”. Choice made?

Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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