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St Paul’s Church

1st of May 2014

Does anyone know when the tradition of marking anniversaries in the life of an individual, family, community or country expanded to include days reserved to raise awareness of issues such as healthy lifestyles, teacher appreciation, nursery rhymes, comic books? It’s a curious list, and my research indicates that with the exception of five days, each day in May is dedicated to a worthy cause. During May, the Church will be in the season of Easter, forty glorious days in which to celebrate the joy of the Resurrection. In May we remember several saints including Mary the Mother of Jesus and Ascension Day, 29 May, the fortieth day of Easter. Ascension Day is one of the earliest Christian festivals, and commemorates the bodily ascension of Jesus into heaven. It marks the end of Easter, the time when Jesus appeared to many and gave his disciples their final instructions on how to carry out his teaching. Feasting at Easter is a way of remembering God’s provision, goodness and faithfulness. For those who withdrew from the pleasures of life during Lent, these days of celebration are particularly welcomed; and if chocolate was one of the things missing from your diet during Lent, you will be pleased to know that 2 May is National Truffle Day. I have it on good authority that truffles were invented in France in 1895, and became popular in the UK in 1902, when Prestat Chocolate Shop opened in South Molton Street, London. Whatever we celebrate or commemorate, these special days in our calendars give us the opportunity to remember to raise awareness to those things that are important to us and to share them with others. Whatever your good news, be extravagant, share it with others, treat your loved ones to truffles on the 2 May, or come and help us celebrate Ascension Day. This year’s celebrations will be held at All Saint’s Croxley Green, commencing at 8pm.

Have a glorious Easter!
Shalom Michele

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