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Roman Catholic Church

1st of May 2014

Concern turned to consternation when Fr. Terry’s routine procedure at Watford Hospital was interrupted by one heart attack and then another. Things were not looking good at all: all we could do was pray. Many, many prayers were said by Father’s friends and congregation here and in Tanzania.

Things are now looking quite different and we are hopeful that the crisis is over for the moment. Thank God!

This makes us consider the point of praying for a particular outcome. We can hardly expect God to change some ‘vast eternal plan’ to suit us.

In this discussion on prayers and what to ask for, Fr. Terry’s favourite turned out to be St. Richard of Chichester’s prayer:-
Lord Jesus, I pray that I may
know you more clearly
love you more dearly
and follow you more nearly.
My favourite is the prayer of doubting Thomas
Lord I believe: help Thou my unbelief.
Everyone must have a phrase or prayer which springs to their lips when they’re under stress.

Let’s keep praying.

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