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High Speed Broadband Now In Chipperfield

1st of May 2014

The good news is that in February the installation of the fibre optic cable and associated junction cabinets were completed bringing high speed broadband to all residents of Chipperfield. However I know that the majority of you will not see any improvement in your broadband speed. In order to get the high speed service it is necessary to make a connection change from the existing copper BT line to the new fibre optic line.

The bad news is that this can only be done through your internet broadband service provider.

Depending upon your particular service provider there may be a connection charge but certainly there will be an increase in the tariff. So now is the time look for the best deals if you want high speed broadband. Staying with your current provider is less disruptive but it is always possible to negotiate with them to waiver any connection charge and or an overall reduction in your current package so any increase for high speed has less of an impact on you purse.

Harry Laverack
Chipperfield Parish Council Chairman.

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