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1st of April 2014

The weather has been kind to me; only one wet day since my foresters arrived. If it lasts another couple of days we will be home and dry! It has been an exciting time; watching the harvesting machine chomp through the old Christmas Trees, a bit nerve wracking seeing the huge poplars go down with the help of the digger but even the most difficult one fell in just the right place. Now it is ‘just’ removing as many Christmas tree stumps as possible and burning the brash. As I write, there are a couple more loads of firewood to go but most of it has gone.

Geoff and his team have been great. So many people have come to see them working and they have been friendly to all, especially the children. They have enjoyed it too; usually they work in large woodlands and don’t get many onlookers…. or cups of tea!
What a difference it has made. I can see the sunset, my neighbours get the morning sun and some people now get a signal on their mobile phones. In the next couple of weeks I will be putting back the fences, smoothing out the pathways and doing the replanting.

Many thanks to all the people who live on the Croft Estate and have had to put up with the tractors and lorries coming and going, and anyone who has had my smoke or sparks. I have been very cheeky asking people to move their cars but everyone has been so kind, it became a sort of community event. I will call the new wood David’s Wood after my late husband who planted the Christmas Trees. It will be better for wildlife, and when the trees have grown a bit it will be a nicer walk across the footpath.
Thank you everyone, foresters and villagers, for helping me with this exciting project. Wendy Bathurst

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