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Spring Forward

1st of April 2014

I never cease to be amazed at how readily nature responds to the changes in light and warmth and sunshine. At the time of writing, Spring has not officially arrived, and yet the verges are full of yellow heads dancing in the breeze. The unusually warm day last Sunday brought the Common to life and, with it, the promise that the dullness of Winter is giving way to the delights of Spring. Many lawns will have had the first cut of the season – sadly, not the one in my back yard, that will have to wait until another warm dry day. It is ironic that with the advent of Spring, when new life appears and the earth is re-awakened, the Church is thrust into Lent. In this season we withdraw for sober reflection, prayer, self-denial and service to help us draw closer to God. In this we are renewed so that on Easter Day we are prepared and ready to celebrate the eternal life which bursts forth from the tomb when Jesus is raised from the dead. The cycle of death and life is carved into the fabric of every aspect of our human experience. It is easy to marvel at how seed buried in the ground is transformed into our favourite fruit or vegetable. The seed has somehow to die in itself to become something that gives delight and sustenance. In the latest episode of Call the Midwife, Chummy chooses to care for her dying mother. Their relationship has not been a happy one, so her care is clinical and out of duty. But as her mother approaches death, warmth creeps in as mother and daughter begin a journey of forgiveness and letting go of past disappointments. The barriers between them begin to soften; eventually they are dismantled. Mother and daughter are restored to one another and, as Lady Brown breathes her final breath, Chummy gently whispers, “I love you”. This moving scene demonstrates the importance of forgiveness and its capacity to bring new life to broken relationships; something eternal is communicated in those three words.

When Easter arrives the Church will be celebrating with great joy God’s ‘I love you’, transmitted through the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. During these forty days of Lent, as you anticipate the Easter celebrations, I encourage you to be mindful of those relationships near and far that need the healing touch of your forgiveness.
Shalom, Michele

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