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1st of April 2014

Naturally we all prefer the happy celebration of Easter: greeting each other on Easter Sunday morning, giving chocolate eggs to the children, and buying a new outfit for the warmer spring weather!

Yet, Father Terry reminds us that it is by attending to the readings of the Holy Week liturgy that we come to know Jesus.

During Lent we pray the ‘Stations of the Cross’.
On the walls of any Catholic Church can be seen a series of carvings or plaques depicting the events of Jesus’ last journey as He carries His cross to Calvary.

Do come and see the ‘Stations’ in our Chipperfield Church. They are really unusual, dark and dramatic, having been carved for us in Tanzania. Spending a few moments and saying a prayer before each is a true Lenten devotion, as is making an individual Act of Reconciliation which used to be known as, ‘Going to Confession’.

On Palm Sunday crosses folded from real palm leaves are distributed to the congregation and blessed before Mass begins. Then we hear the long dramatic reading of our Lord’s Passion and Death on the Cross.

On Good Friday we gather for the celebration of the Lord’s Passion. After which the Tabernacle door is left open and the altar stripped…..until the Easter Vigil of Saturday night. Then, as the lights of the Church are extinguished, the congregation leaves the darkened Church. Outside new fire is kindled and light is passed from candle to candle as we process back inside. The altar is prepared and Mass is celebrated for Easter Day.

The Lord is Risen. Happy Easter.

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