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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of March 2014

Reflections of a Churchwarden

Just when I think I know what God is up to in my life, He changes direction and does something which I am not expecting. Although it is disorientating at times and not always part of my plans, I know He has a bigger and more intricate plan for me than I will ever foresee. God asks of people to take on roles that they may not have thought about but does at least give them the strength and ability to perform them, Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Him who strengthens me’. This is how I have seen my time as a Churchwarden at St. Paul’s and how I will see my time which will follow when I finish my term on 30 April this year.

I have been a Churchwarden for four years here, which is a year longer than the requisite three years in our Parish. During that time I have had the privilege of working with three other Churchwardens, Phil Waine, Julia Lawrence and Frances Onians and two Rectors, Jim Stevens and Michele du Saire. We have always encouraged and supported each other in our service to the community. Frances Onians and I have also had the rare experience, or should I say challenge, of being Churchwarden through a Vacancy. I can honestly say that nothing gives you a greater sense of appreciation of the nature and volume of work involved in administering a Parish. We both very much respect, understand and value the role of the rector. We also have a great appreciation of the interplay of service between both the village and the church.

A Churchwarden’s job is also about team work. It is a shared responsibility, not only with one’s fellow Churchwarden, but also with the church community. It would not be done without them. And it is humbling to have been supported by so many people who have extraordinary love and dedication to the work of the church. That in itself has been one of the greatest rewards of being a Churchwarden for the last four years and for which I am thankful.
Judy Olney, Churchwarden, St Paul’s Church

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