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Past Holliberry Fairs

1st of March 2014

We are still searching for the person who can remember when the church’s annual Christmas Bazaar became known as the Hollyberry Fair. Was it before 1955?
Last month’s appeal for information stirred a few memories which you might like to share.

Pat Bayliss (Nee Tyler) recalls that about 1962-3 she was the Sugar Plum Fairy who brought all the toys to life in Tchaikowsky’s Nutcracker.

When was the story of the Pied Piper mimed? All the children followed the Piper through the Institute Hall after the Mayor had refused to pay him for ridding the town of rats. Christopher Timberlake was in this. Did you take part as a child or a rat? In 1966 Pat graduated to become a lavender girl.

Margaret Tyler (nee Pratt) has fond memories of being in the mime of Sleeping Beauty. She was chosen to take the lead role because she had long blond hair. The others taking part were Gary Morton (prince), Carol Petherick (queen), Barry Gurney (king), Carol Adams (m. Butcher) (witch) and Linda Smith and Pat Bayliss (fairies). Audrey Robinson’s photograph taken in about 1959 shows a group of angels with the most magnificent wings and her sister, Janet, is one of them. About 23 children took part in the mime.

The Pam Dawes photograph taken around 1969 includes on the stage woodland creatures, Jocelyn Lee, Julie Jackson and Linda Dawe (lavender girl). The vicar John Richardson is shown presenting a bouquet to Bobby Judge. Lucy Williams has a Gazette photo of her daughters Philippa and Charlotte who were lavender girls in 1979.

The mime was produced for the Hollyberry Fair by Bobby Judge who sadly died in 1975. Pat Tyler recalls that rehearsals, which took place after school and Saturday mornings were great fun.

Who was the narrator for these mimes? Can you tell us more? Please do you have any photographs that we could borrow?
Mary Nobbs, 01923 269480

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