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Roman Catholic Church

1st of February 2014

Pope Francis: Man of the year

“Is the Pope a Catholic?” An old remark expecting the obvious answer, “Yes!” But what sort of Catholic?

From his first words and actions, Francis could be a great transformational Pope. This is not a Pope abandoning traditional teaching but one wanting Christianity to be more than a moral code or a social service. He urges the Church to get its priorities in order. For him, his religion is a love story. Love for the unborn, for the hungry, the homeless, the broken, the homosexual; all that our materialistic age shuns.

The very adaptability that Catholicism seems to be undergoing at the grass roots, which church authorities may see as a rebellion, can also be seen as a re ordering of priorities. From rule-compliance towards love: Love for those who due to divorce, re marriage, or the use of contraception, are not welcome to take communion; Friendship to those fellow Christians with whom we would like to bind with closer ties.

Who knows what will come in the future. There is a great weight of tradition to be convinced; rather like turning a super tanker or pushing treacle uphill. But the words and actions of Pope Francis have from the first surprised and delighted the world.
We join in prayer as St Paul’s celebrates 175 years of serving the village. We remember with gratitude the hospitality and kindness shown to us homeless Catholics when 9 o’clock Mass was celebrated at St Paul’s.

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