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New Pattern Of Worship At Holy Cross And St Paul’s

1st of February 2014

As from the 2 February the pattern of worship across the Benefice will be revised. I see these as minor changes to the pattern I inherited in June last year when I took up the post as Rector to the Benefice. The reasons for these adjustments are twofold. Firstly, in making these changes I am endeavouring to hold to the Canons of the Church of England which require, where possible, Holy Communion to be celebrated in each Parish Church each Sunday. Secondly, it is my belief that receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion on a regular basis is crucial for the life and work of the worshipping community. Holy Communion is the means by which we receive mysterious grace from God, it is a place of encounter and nourishment – a feeding of our souls which equips us for the work that God has asked us to do. With this new pattern there is now the opportunity within the Benefice to receive communion at 8am or 10am every week, and each Parish Church has a communion service every Sunday. However, throughout the year there will be some exceptions to the regular pattern set out below. There are a small number of 5th Sundays, which gives us an opportunity to do things slightly differently, so services on these Sundays may vary. In addition, seasons and festivals (for example Lent, Easter, Harvest, Patronal Festivals) within the Church’s year will require adjustments to the regular pattern. It is my hope and prayer that this new pattern of worship will draw us closer to God, that it will strengthen, sustain and unify us in all that God is calling us to do at this time and in this season of the life of the Benefice.
Shalom, Michele

1st Sunday 8.00am Holy Communion St Paul’s
10.00am Benefice Holy Communion Holy Cross
2nd Sunday 8.00am Holy Communion St Paul’s
10.00am Holy Communion Holy Cross
10.00am All Age Service St Paul’s
3rd Sunday 8.00am Holy Communion Holy Cross
10.00am Benefice Holy Communion St Paul’s
6.30pm Compline (traditional) Holy Cross
4th Sunday 8.00am Holy Communion Holy Cross
10.00am ASK informal café style Sarratt Village Hall
service with Children’s ASK
10.00am Holy Communion (BCP) St Paul’s
5th Sunday Services vary
2nd Wednesday 10.00am Midweek Communion Holy Cross
4th Wednesday 10.00am Midweek Communion St Paul’s

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