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1st of February 2014

I was going through some housekeeping on my computer recently (I recommend it; it’s like purging the soul) and as I was trawling through at least a thousand e-mails I saw some from summer last year and was curious. I saw that in the middle of June and July I was getting adverts and spam e-mails about escaping the cold weather and heading somewhere to get some winter sun. In the middle of a lovely hot summer I was getting bombarded by offers of, “escape the winter doldrums and head for…”

I don’t remember what I thought at the time but as I sit here in the cold dark weather I am tempted, but have lost the chance. Actually, economics and the clock would have prevented it. However, the overriding feeling I get is what a missed opportunity. Not to get away but that we may miss what is right in front of us while dreaming of a future that has not even happened. If I had spent my time going through those e-mails, being redirected to this website and that one, I would have missed what was right in front of my eyes. The sun, warmth and the opportunities that were there for me. Instead of looking out on the beautiful frosted landscape and looking at what opportunities there are for me now, I found myself bemoaning the missed opportunity that was the chance to save on a winter break.

That final thought is what got me writing this copy. Wanting, or even being forced, to look ahead all the time, at what might be, we are all in danger of missing what is right in front of us. Opportunities to know that God has given us all we need for now. Not later, not for when we hope for, especially not for what we want to see, but now. The only time we can inhabit is here and now and that is exactly where we will find God. Maybe, when we are looking ahead, we are actually avoiding on purpose what we might find here and now.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

Your needs – our prayers

When you just can’t see what to do! Or life seems to be overwhelming you? We are happy to pray for you!

On Friday mornings at 8am we pray in the Baptist church for the needs of the community of Chipperfield and beyond. We want to do this because we believe God answers prayers and is always ready to do great things.

Be sure that even if you want to give names, everything shared will be in strictest confidence.
Call: 01923 270664 – ask for Jason
Text: 07808 155470 (texts will be deleted once prayed for). E-mail:
Or slip your request under the front door of the baptist church.

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