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Diamonds And Stones

1st of November 2013

The first in October dawns warm and sunny, perhaps the last day of summer, and I am up early to make the most of it. Ted and I take a long first walk and come home with three mushrooms for breakfast, a good start to any day! After a morning spent building my log wall I am hot enough for a last dip in the swimming pond. It’s a bit refreshing, but great to have a swim with three emperor dragonflies whizzing overhead. The sky is blue and I warm up with a nice cuppa at the Wendy house. All is well in my world.

My orchard is carrying a good crop this year but the apples are very late to ripen. After lunch I pick enough apples to take to the juicer but Ted is bored and wants his afternoon walk so we set off to Scatterdells Wood. I can hear a tractor working hard in
Stony Field so we go to have a look. As ever the plough is followed by birds, but these are not the usual crows and gulls, these are Red Kites, eight altogether. What a sight! They are swooping down to grab worms and grubs from the freshly turned soil. The gulls and crows are a little further over on the ploughed land; the Kites commanding the best spot right behind the plough. It’s going home time for the driver and after one more pass he is away for his tea and the Kites, presumably full of juicy worms, begin to spiral into the air on a thermal. I had never seen so many in one place before; what a perfect end to a lovely day.

Monday dawned foggy and grey. Just as Ted and I get to the back door the cat bursts through the cat flap with something in her mouth. She lets an adult Glis glis go to say good morning! Ted grabs the tip of its tail just as it is about to disappear behind the boiler. He swings it round and my boots fall off the boot tree like autumn leaves. I can’t find the door key! Cat knocks an egg off the work top and the cat litter tray gets knocked over. Finally the door is opened and Ted and his new toy are outside. What a mess! As it goes in the song, ‘some days are diamonds, some days are stones’.
Wendy Bathurst

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