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Chipperfield Horticultural Society Autumn Show

1st of November 2013

Outside it was a rather grey afternoon but Chipperfield Village Hall was ablaze with colour and beauty as the Autumn Show opened its doors. Dahlias in all their many delightful forms and colours, regal chrysanthemums with perfect sculpture petals, late velvety roses, stately gladioli and vases of mixed blooms were a feast for the eye. The serried ranks of vegetables of every kind, from king sized onions and leeks and leafy celery, to salad vegetables and chilli plants, then fruits including pears, plums and apples were a feast for the table. One of the horticultural judges said that this show, in his view, was the best ever for Chipperfield and of an extremely high standard, superior even to the County Show. The Floral Art section surpassed itself with breathtaking and skilled arrangements in all three classes, and the Handicrafts showed yet again that we are lucky to have such talented people exhibit here. The Domestic section was a picture in itself with the jewel colours of jams and jellies, delicious cakes, biscuits and bread demonstrating the high quality of culinary arts in this village. The three Photography sections had record entries, making judging a challenge with the varied and interesting interpretations of the subjects. The Junior Section featured animals made from fruit/vegetables, and a collection of colourful and exuberant bookmarks, largely contributed by twenty three members of a local Brownie Pack which were a pleasure to view.  The Misshapen Vegetables and The Longest Runner Bean finished off the show on a fun note.

The Awards:
The Silver Rose Bowl – Frank Venables – most points overall for fruit, vegetables and flowers.
The G.A. Usher Challenge Bowl – Frank Venables – most points for flowers.
The W. Bates Cup – John Hopkins – runner up to the Silver Rose Bowl.
The Timberlake Cup – John Hopkins – best exhibit of Onions in Show.
A Special Prize of One Load of Manure – John Hopkins – generously donated by Mr. Roger Pritchard for most points for vegetables.
The H. Butcher Cup – Doug Leslie – most points for chrysanthemums.
The Peter Franz Cup – Linda Venables – most points for Domestic sections over the whole year.
The Mrs. C.P. Brousson Challenge Trophy – Ann Rees – most points for Floral Art over the year.
The Handicraft Trophy – Ann Rees – most points over the whole year.
The Liz Holliday Cup – Mo Barton – most points for Photography over the whole year.
The National Chrysanthemum Society Medal – Doug Leslie – for best chrysanthemum exhibit in Show.
The National Dahlia Society Medal – Alec Parker – for best dahlia exhibit in show.

A huge vote of thanks goes to our helpers and volunteers, whose good hearted and generous hard work behind the scenes made this such a successful and enjoyable afternoon. Pauline William

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