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1st of November 2013

For the last few years on the lead up to Christmas, I have noticed that I have been what could best be described as a moaner. I could ask whether any of you identify with me but either way that would only go to prove how self-obsessed I may be (please note the ‘may’). November fits those feelings perfectly, I think. It is a bit dreary, beginning to get cold, wet, and not much really happens as far as celebration. Bonfire Night is the exception but I am unsure whether an event to commemorate the burning alive of someone quite fits the festive bill? In November the eyes of all are looking ahead to December and Christmas and, yes I am going to say it, Christmas gets earlier and earlier. However, in the light of my admission, I am sure that we should feel a little down in November. The main reason for this is stuff, and exciting stuff at that, doesn’t need to happen all the time. We should have periods of dullness and boredom or even times of nothing actually happening at all. If we bother to look closely at the lives of those that have achieved great things many, if not all, will admit that it is at those times, when all is dull and nought, that they have learnt so much about themselves. From now on, I think, I will try to embrace the idea that November is as important as December. This is because I might realise that to get to the celebration of God with us, the gift of Jesus Christ, we have to begin to comprehend that we are not what we think or hope we are. So then we might begin to grasp that there will be just as much of a celebration in heaven at Christmas because God loves us regardless. That we do not need to be exciting and have inspiring lives for God to take notice.

No, during November I am determined to be as boring and dull as possible so that the celebration of Christmas will be even more exhilarating.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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