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175th Anniversary Booklet Of St Paul’s Church, Chipperfield

1st of November 2013

On 10 October it was 175 years since St Paul’s Church was consecrated by the Bishop of Lincoln. To mark the anniversary, a new booklet has been produced by Mary and Andrew Nobbs. Included in it is a brief history describing the church and the changes that have taken place over the years, a detailed guided tour with a plan of the interior and brief accounts of all the organists at St Paul’s starting with Joseph Bunyan, the tailor from the corner shop (now the Two Brewers’ bar).
Copies costing £3 will be sold at local events and after church services at St Paul’s. Otherwise, call Mary on 01923 269480 and arrange to collect one from ‘Dellfield’, The Street. For £4.20, a copy could be posted to friends and relatives.

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