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Summer School In The Small Hall

1st of October 2013

Earlier this year a small group of experienced patch workers decided they wanted to get together regularly to sew. The Small Hall has the facilities we needed, a lot of power sockets, and has proved to be an ideal location. We have since set up two groups which meet there one evening a week and one Saturday every month.

Several of us had attended a summer school in the past and this year we decided we would organise our own event. The space in the Small Hall was ideal, we set up work stations for every attendee so we could work in ideal conditions for a whole week without interruption. We used the hall’s facilities to have warm croissants for breakfast and chilled wine before we went home for the evening. Also, as an added bonus, the new chairs with padded seats arrived early in the week so we had the benefit of these too.

Lots of people in the village were very supportive. The Village Hall Committee lent us some extra tables and the Horticultural Society allowed us to borrow their stands used to display quilts at the village shows for our design walls. Blackwell’s and Chipperfield Larder delivered lunches to us and the week ended with a celebratory dinner at the Two Brewers; an all round show of village support.

We had deliberately set ourselves the challenge of a different type of patchwork where we needed to play with different colours and types of fabric design and the emerging results are stunning, although unfinished, but need to be seen in colour in order to appreciate their true impact.

We are lucky to have so many communal spaces in the village and this shows how, with a bit of imagination, different events can be organised using the various facilities available. All we needed to do was to sweep up the threads and cottons we had dropped before we left.

I would be surprised if there are not other groups of people who share an interest or hobby who could use the Small Hall or the Village Hall in a similar way.
Jane Whittles

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