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1st of October 2013

I couldn’t avoid writing about one particular anniversary this month. Leading up to today I never really noticed any build up. I never really paid any notice to what was happening until this morning when I checked the BBC news website and found it everywhere. The 50th anniversary of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech. A dynamic, motivating and impassioned plea for justice and equality. A communication in hope and faith in the face of the stark realities of life.

We may never truly understand the situations and life that they, including Martin Luther King, suffered and what inspired their actions but I think we might just learn a lesson from that speech. A lesson in where to start when we want to be the best we can be. Although its given title is “I have a dream” the subject of the whole was not the individual. This may have been Dr King’s dream but it was not for himself or his own needs but for those to come and foremost for his enemies. It was a speech for justice and equality for those to come. A dream of what is possible but also for what our inspiration should be, to be the best we can. Think of others first. Working for others first and foremost. Loving and desiring the best for all including, and especially, our enemies.

Dr King grasped in these few words the fact that, in faith, to strive and give ourselves for others is ultimately where we find our own justice, equality and peace. Jesus Christ was the supreme example for Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr, He who gave himself for others. For their peace before God but also for a lasting peace between men. I’d like to think I could manage that because the speech ends with the vision of the destination “free at last, free at last, Great God almighty we are free at last”. Are any of us able to say Amen to that? Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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