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Thoughts Of A Past Editor – Technology Arrives

1st of September 2013

When Sally Main decided to retire as editor of Chipperfield News¸ the irresistible combination of Richard Edwards and Geoff Bryant persuaded Diane Macliver and I to take on a whole new lifestyle! Neither of us had used a desktop publishing programme before, but we soon got to grips with the new technology – as it was then! – scanning text and images and learning all about spacing, not just lines but even down to the actual words and letters to fit everything in. This was in the days before email was the norm; images could be found fairly easily from picture libraries, and we built up quite a store of them, but it was much more difficult to reproduce scanned photographs to make them clear. All the contributions were in hard copy, delivered to the box in the Two Brewers, and the final version had to be taken on a disk to the printers in Watford.

When Diane found she was expecting twins in 1997, she decided to hand over to Liz Holliday, and Liz and I spent a few very happy years as co-editors until the demands of my day job made it impossible for me to do both.

The editorship was hard work, but enormously rewarding, putting us in direct contact with so many people in the village and beyond. A few highlights of that time were the plans for the new Parish Room at St Paul’s church, the early days of Chipperfield Theatre Group, contributions from St Paul’s pupils, a wide range of concerts, open gardens and so much more. Of course, Chipperfield News relies on a great many more people than the editors, and the combined efforts of the representatives of village organisations, the distributors and the management covering finance and advertising all made it the success it still is today. I look forward to every new issue, and wish all those involved the very best for the next 25 years.
Charlotte Clifford, Joint Editor 1994 – 2000

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