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Thoughts Of A Past Editor 2 – Editorial Meetings On The Common

1st of September 2013

I was approached by Liz Holliday when Chipperfield News was looking for someone to replace Charlotte Clifford, and my first solo effort as editor was for the February 2000 edition. It was at the very least a huge challenge, as I not only had to learn the Quark system used for Chipperfield News (with invaluable help from the ever-patient Tony Briselden), but I also had to produce something which was readable, interesting and – under the strict scrutiny of my co-editor Liz – grammatically correct!

Editorial meetings were usually conducted when Liz and I were walking the dogs on the common and in the woods. The conversation went on the lines of ‘Did you hear about XX?’ and ‘What about YY?’ and ended with ‘Well, you find out about XX, and I’ll check the details of YY’.

Over the years, the biggest change was that our contributors, as well as the editors, became increasingly adept at using computer technology – for instance, articles were submitted by email, we could scan and reproduce photographs, and eventually were even able to zap the whole issue direct to our printer instead of copying it on to a disc and delivering it by hand.

Looking back, it was an interesting, absorbing and enjoyable time and I wish Chipp News ever increasing success in the next 25 years.
Anne Breen, Joint Editor 2000 – 2010

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