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The Beginne

1st of September 2013

The first issue of Chipperfield News saw the light of day in October 1988 under my optimistic guidance as editor. I had never tried my hand at journalism before, but found it a very rewarding and enjoyable, though time-consuming occupation. The village was blessed with a minister, the Reverend Arthur Ellery, who had the gift of picking up suggestions and enabling the parish to bring them to fruition. Over the years it has been fascinating to discover the talents and activities sheltered in the village. One of the first surprises was to discover just how many clubs and societies were flourishing, sometimes hardly known of except to their members.

In those far-off days of 1988 the only person to use a computer was Debbie,who typed up and printed off all the copy, which I then painstakingly cut and pasted onto the format. Geoff Bryant our then business manager looked after our finances while Bill Yates conjured up our first advertisers. Finally, the invaluable Carl Perkins was our printer, who whisked the paste-up away and turned it into clean and tidy copies ready for delivery. This fearsome task was taken on at somewhat short notice by the intrepid Ruth Hare, who managed to organise an efficient framework for delivery to the whole village in an amazingly short time with occasional new recruits here and there.

An extract from Sally Main’s article regarding the start up of Chipperfield News.
First printed in October 2008.

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