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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of September 2013

Hello, is anybody there?
Are you one of those people who lament the loss of a helpful voice on the other end of a phone, or have suffered the frustration of being subjected to cheerful music when all you need is to speak to someone about a problem you are having?
I recently found myself caught up in an automated answering system unable to access customer service despite redialling several times. In the end I gave up, and consoled myself with a cup of tea to quieten my nerves, resolving to try again later…. much later!

Sometimes our prayer life can feel a bit like this.
Some of us trust that God is there, listening to our cry for help, but find ourselves going round in circles unable to get direct access or answers to our burning questions. At such times the temptation to give up and seek solace elsewhere can be great.

But often the process of waiting enables us to think again, to refine and rephrase our questions, drilling down to the nub of the situation. Waiting, sticking with it helps us to get closer to thy will be done, and often to our surprise, as though effortlessly, there is breakthrough.

Scripture encourages us to persevere in prayer – to pray without ceasing; it reminds us about the importance of asking the right questions; listening and waiting.
It is not so much about waiting for God to answer our prayers, but waiting on God and orientating our lives in response to His.
Hello, is anybody there?
Shalom, Michele du Saire

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