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Happy Birthday Chipperfield News

1st of September 2013

When I was asked to write a few words for this anniversary edition I was delighted but then, second thoughts, NO NAMES.

So many people were involved in the early days it quite opened my eyes to the wealth of latent talent in the parish and it would be a great shame if one or more names failed to be mentioned.

In one sense the whole idea began with a happy accident; a chance meeting sometime after 10 o’clock one night on the common, where better? I had just locked up the church after a meeting of the parochial church council where we had been talking, amongst other things, about making the church magazine more people orientated (giving news of general village interest) when a small group emerged from the Village Hall. Had it been a meeting of the Parish Council or of the Hall Management? I forget, but it certainly contained members of both, and they had been discussing the production of a regular duplicated list of, ‘What’s on in the Village’.

Until their ideas could germinate I offered space in the pages of the Parish Magazine, and suddenly further ideas came flooding in – until we realised that it was too cold to continue that night. Having offered hospitality, we fixed a time and date for an ad-hoc meeting to discuss how these ideas might materialise.

So much to do…. but amazingly so many volunteers, or offers from people who ‘knew someone who could be approached’ to do certain jobs. The three proposed organisations promised between them to cover any deficit or cost for the first few editions until deciding whether a new monthly newspaper to be distributed free to every house in the immediate area could be made self-supporting. And amazingly there never was a deficit, thanks to enterprising advertising managers, splendid editors, hardworking distributors, generously helpful printers; the list is almost endless.

Congratulations and thanks to you all, including the readers, and our love to our many Chipperfield friends.
Arthur Ellery, Vicar, St Paul’s Church, 1986 -1993

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