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1st of September 2013

For some of us September is particularly exciting. For a largish amount, fear and dread, disappointment and apprehension are on the cards. And for all the others September is just another month. If you do not have an inkling what I am on about, here’s a clue – School’s no longer out for the summer.
YES, the kids are back in school.

You might think a man of my great age and wisdom no longer has to worry about this but I do, and what’s more I think it is worse for me because my offspring are of the older type. The ones who no longer look at you with love and admiration, longing to spend the whole day with you.

No, the ones I have don’t get up until the early bird has had its worm and is more likely than not found to be sunning itself as the sun moves over the yardarm. Even then you are lucky to get a grunt but at least they are communicating with you this time. I could wax all lyrical about schooldays or speak authoritatively on the importance of education, but that’s not why I love September.

No, I love it, and you love it, because the little darlings are out of our collective hair. Go on admit it. It’s got to the stage when you have run out of ideas. I’ve got to the point where I can’t say anymore, “get up and do something” and “stop lounging about” without sounding as old as I am.

Then I remember a verse (well, several actually) in the psalms that says, “His love endures forever”. And the parable of the prodigal son begins to surface.

I, you, we and us might need rest from our little dears but God never needs or wants to be anywhere else but with us all the time. He will even go out of his way to find us. You have to hand it to Him, that takes guts and a load of energy which I just don’t have.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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