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Sara Holland

1st of July 2013

My sister Sara died on 25 May. She had lived at ‘The Haven’ on The Common for most of her life. She grew up there and attended Northfield School in Watford and later trained as a nurse in what is now Watford General Hospital. Sadly she was forced to give up her chosen profession because of an allergic reaction to penicillin.  In those days giving penicillin injections was a common procedure for a nurse. But with typical resilience Sara decided to retrain and while she wanted to continue caring for patients (albeit in a different way) she worked for the NHS for 27 years becoming eventually the senior medical secretary in the Elizabeth Garrett Hospital in London. She told us many entertaining stories about her adventures and the entertaining characters she had met there.

In August 1996 Sara and our younger sister, Ruth, were travelling back together from working in London when they were involved in the Watford train crash in which Ruth tragically lost her life and Sara was injured. After some time she courageously attempted to go back to work.. Her longtime partner, Clive, accompanied her on the train to and from London and supported her through this dreadful time but eventually, on the advice of her doctors, she took early retirement and was thus able to spend more time with our grieving mother.

Sara loved Chipperfield and the surrounding countryside and for the last few years had supported the Campaign to Protect Rural England and lately The Dogs’ Trust. She loved her family and many friends who will so very much miss her caring nature, her bright and loving presence, and her laughter and sense of fun.  She was a great fan of Ken Dodd and had been to some of his live shows where she told me that she had laughed so much that tears were streaming down her face.

Many tears will be shed for Sara but there will be happy and unforgettable memories too. An American friend of mine who came to visit us at The Haven a few years ago said to me, “Sara only has to sit near you on the sofa and you feel loved.”

Thank you Sara for being such a consistently supportive loving presence for so many precious years in your relationships as daughter to our parents, sister to Ruth and myself, Aunty to Harry, sister-in-law to Derek, and partner to Clive. We and your many friends will miss you so much. You will be in our hearts always.
Mary Holland 

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