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Roman Catholic Church

1st of July 2013

Towards the end of May, eleven of our young people made their first Holy Communion. To accommodate all the relatives, guests and friends who had come to celebrate this important event, the first communions were spread over two Sundays, and still it was a squeeze. To a congregation of so many who love and care for children, Fr. Terry said,
“Jesus told us that God hides himself from the learned and the clever, and reveals himself to mere children”.

You don’t have to tell a child who is its mother! A child knows its mother because it is his mother who takes care of him. When he wakes in the morning, it his mother’s face he sees. When he’s hungry, it is his mother who feeds him. When he is sick, it his mother who nurses him. You don’t have to point her out to a child and tell him, “This is your mother”. He knows her already; knows her love and goodness, knows her greatness and gentleness.

That is why in Tanzania your mother is known as ‘Mama ni mungu wa pili’, your second God.

And that’s how we know God. God reveals himself to little children, which means to those who are humble, who do not pride themselves on their own ability, intelligence and power. God reveals himself to those who trust in Him and depend on Him, as a child trusts and depends on its mother.

Through our faith we experience how God loves and cares for us every day of our lives. The only obstacle to God in my life is myself. When I become full of myself, then God has no time to reveal Himself to me; I have stopped being a child of God. Humility, trust and dependence have all gone out of the window – all that remains is the blank wall of pride.

Let us never outgrow being a child of God.

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