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1st of July 2013

Invited by the Queen to attend a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on 30 May are Bipin Pathak and his wife, Aruna. Bipin has been Chipperfield’s Postmaster for the last twelve years and his family have been running the village store and post office since 2001. Back in 2006 Bipin was seen in the News on BBC One when the programme visited Chipperfield at a time when the survival of local post offices was under threat and Chipperfield residents are grateful for what Bipin and Aruna have done for their village. Their son, Chetan, used to help in the shop but he has recently become an actor and radio presenter appearing in Holby City, the Asian Network and has his own programme on Sunday evenings on BBC Three Counties Radio. Bipin and Aruna had a wonderful day at the Royal Garden Party. They are both very appreciative of the people in Chipperfield without whom they would not have had this lifetime opportunity to visit the Palace.
Terry Simmonds

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