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1st of July 2013

I never know what to write for the combined July and August issue of Chipperfield News. I just don’t know what is going to happen or likely to happen. Unlike my youth, when rose tinted was the only type of glasses we had, there were some guarantees that we would have sunshine and lots of it. Day after day, relaxing, being bored, getting into trouble and generally larking about. But looking into the future is not something I am able, or even want to do.

I can’t imagine myself as some sort of soothsayer or prophet. So what I want to do is clear a few things up for you all. I and nobody else knows what there is for any of us in the future. We might be able to guess, though. Guessing is fun, guessing is good but guessing in no way guarantees a prescribed outcome. The prophets of the Old Testament and, for that matter, those that have the gift of prophecy (see 1 Corinthians 12) in the New, were not about predicting the future or giving us a heads up on events to come. No, they were about letting us know what the outcome might be if a course of action is taken up. This in their case meant actions in reference to God and what He had done or was going to do for us.

Even today we can have a pretty good guess at the consequences of our actions. If we step into a busy road without reference to the Green Cross Code (one for the teenagers?) the likely occurrence is that you will be… well you know the rest. We can all think of circumstances that we may find ourselves in that will have an effect on what will happen in the future, be it a white lie, a little adjustment to our tax returns, or maybe something much more serious. All of these will have consequences and so hopefully we will see that our own actions have a bearing on the life others and we live. I guess we need to look at maybe including more good and unselfish actions so that the future for others, as well as ourselves, will turn out better. I guess that’s a good idea?
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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