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Hyde Park On Hudson

1st of December 2012

This film is due to be released in February 2013 and was filmed in The White House on The Common and in their grounds in 2011. You will recall all the caravans and support paraphernalia that descended on Chipperfield for quite a few weeks. The film stars Olivia Williams and Laura Linney with Bill Murray playing Franklin Delano Roosevelt, America’s wartime president. Murray was interviewed at the London Film Festival and a report appeared in The Times on 19 October. The Times reported Murray saying, “I think people saw how FDR overcame polio as an adult and respected him for that, even though it was never discussed”. The Times report goes on to say that Murray compared Roosevelt’s charisma and sexual prowess (in the film he has three mistresses and one wife) to that of Bill Clinton. Samuel West plays George VI and the film is directed by Roger Michell.

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