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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of November 2011

September was an exciting month for us, as within a matter of weeks we discovered that we were going to be grandparents again, not once but twice! Two new lives gifted to us in the space of five or six weeks as, hopefully, winter begins to give place to spring. We wait with anticipation….. wondering ….
As I wonder and look forward with excitement, I am reminded of someone else a long time ago, looking forward to a child to be born – a new life given – one promised long before, who would come to turn the lives of many from ‘winter into spring’; a new life born to give new life to all who would receive him.
We all know the story, we enjoy the festivities that have their roots in his coming – though for some it is a time of loneliness – but are we enjoying what he really came to give? It would be really odd if I were to celebrate the birth of my grandchildren and within a few days forget that they were around. No, I look forward to holding them in my arms, watching them grow, develop, relate to me, walk, talk, discover…
Christmas is still a while away. May I suggest that before you get caught up in all the rush and bustle that comes with modern-day Christmas, that you decide to spend time now in the dark days of November waiting, wondering about that child, what he would become, how we might relate to and discover him.
With my greetings, Jim Stevens

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