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Poppy Collection – Every Penny Counts

1st of November 2011

You will have seen in last month’s issue that Ken Ward, who was Chairman of the Chipperfield Branch of the Royal British Legion for no less than 15 years, died peacefully on 31 August aged 96. He seldom talked about the courageous and distinguished part he played in the Second World War but the little we knew was an inspiration to all of us younger members.
We hope that you will think of people like Ken when the Poppy Collectors ring your doorbell. Even though since 1945 there have been more than seventy campaigns involving British serving men and women, you may not know that every penny you give will go to helping people who are being looked after by the Legion because administrative overheads are met from other sources.
Please ensure that our village, which has been recognised twice in the last ten years for its outstanding collections, punches above its weight once again.
Thank you. Giles Wyburd, Chairman Chipperfield Branch RBL

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