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Theft Of Metal/catalytic Converters

1st of October 2011

Since the start of the credit crunch, high prices for precious metals has resulted in a noticeable increase in thefts of metal in Chipperfield and Bovingdon. Thieves are targeting sub-stations and taller vehicles (4x4s) and vans. Mercedes Benz Sprinters are particularly vulnerable as the converters are more accessible and they have larger engines which contain more of the precious metals. We should all be vigilant and report anything out of the ordinary. The police encourage residents to do so without putting themselves in danger.

To reduce the risk of theft of your car’s catalytic converter:
Garage your car; park in well-lit busy areas; look out for people working under cars.
Companies such as the AA and RAC provide kits to mark your catalytic converter, although this does not guarantee that it will not get stolen.
Crime level remains low in Chipperfield; in fact it is the lowest crime area in Dacorum but this does not mean we can become complacent.
The non emergency number 0845 33 00 222 has been replaced with 101 within Hertfordshire but you still need to ring 0845 33 00 22 if you outside the County.
Pcso Agallili (Bardi), Bovingdon, Chipperfield and Flaunden

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