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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of October 2011

On Friday 16 September I attended the launch of the Dacorum Foodbank, set up to provide much needed help for an increasing number of people in the borough for whom not having sufficient food is a very real problem. Similar needs are growing all over our nation; one very real sign of the continuing economic and financial crisis in the western world. (The word crisis has its origin in the idea of judgement!)
Around this time the following words of Jesus occurred in one of my daily Bible readings, “Hypocrites! You know how to interpret a change in the weather; how is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?” How do we interpret what is going on in our nation in this period of history? Such understanding should govern our priorities and behaviour.

Is it that we have lived for decades wanting – and for the most part having more and more – and now have to learn to live with less, with those at the bottom end of the affluent league faring worst? Or might it be more significant than that; that we have given ourselves to living possession, pleasure and position centred lives in place of Christ centred ones? It is very easily done, creeping up on us almost without us noticing, till crisis comes!

Jesus had some hard words to say to his own generation, not out of bitterness but out of love, a warning that needed to be heeded. We need to take note. Not to do so is to invite real tragedy, as was the case for many of Jesus’s original hearers!
With my prayers, Jim Stevens

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