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Roman Catholic Church

1st of October 2011

We have been waiting with mixed feelings for the introduction of a revised translation of the Mass for the English speaking world. In recent weeks the Bishops have given details of what to expect and when. The new wording must be in use on the first Sunday of Advent.

Few were enthusiastic at the thought of changing what has become so familiar. Fr Terry pointed out that the effort needed, as we struggle with the unfamiliar responses, will require us to pay more real attention to what we are saying. It is very human to go onto autopilot.

Mass in the vernacular was introduced after Vatican II. At the time it was recognised that the translation and vocabulary were perhaps a little too relaxed and did not fit exactly with the original scriptural texts. It is hoped that the new translation will improve this. We shall judge when it comes.

Fr Terry ruefully remarked that he had just successfully mastered the change from saying Mass in Swahili to English when the English is changed!

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