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‘Hyde Park On Hudson’ Comes To Chipperfield

1st of October 2011

Following a last minute request from a film production company, agreement was reached to allow them to film in our beautiful village during a sunny week in September and we would like to thank you all for your support. Below is a short article about the film which I am sure we will look forward to seeing in the near future.
Jo Deacon, Chipperfield Parish Clerk

Focus Features and Daybreak Pictures have now completed the end of principal photography for Hyde Park on Hudson. The film, directed by Roger Michell (Notting Hill, Changing Lanes, Morning Glory), is based on Richard Nelson’s popular radio play focusing on George VI’s visit to the United States in 1939 and is set for global cinema release in 2012.
Filmed entirely on location in the UK, we have recreated New England in various spots in Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. A house in Chipperfield has provided the perfect setting for the home of one of the film’s central characters. The deep, wide bay windows and wood flooring throughout were reminiscent of houses in New England.
Although fictionalized the film is based on real events and real characters. For the most part the story revolves around the weekend the King and Queen spent with President Roosevelt (FDR) at FDR’s mother’s house at Springwood, near Hyde Park, Upstate NY. Other principal characters include their respective families and entourages, together with Roosevelt’s distant cousin, Daisy, through whose point of view the story is told. All the principal characters, along with many of the minor ones, are based on real people.
Daisy was Margaret Suckley, a spinster of forty-six who lived near to Springwood. When she died, fifty or so years later, a huge cache of letters between her and FDR was found under her bed and it was from these that the details of their intimate friendship have been re-created by acclaimed screenwriter, Richard Nelson. The interior of The White House provided the perfect layout for us to set the house of Daisy.
Although filming inside the house throughout our time here in Chipperfield, we have of course had an impact on the village. The car park by the cricket pitch has provided one of the most picturesque settings for our catering and trailers that we have had all shoot. The crew and production as a whole would like to thank the residents of Chipperfield for welcoming us into your world for this couple of days. We hope that when the film reaches cinemas next year you will all feel a sense of pride in having had a part in the making it. Amie Tridgell, Assistant Location Manager

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