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Churchyard Burials

1st of October 2011

As most people in the village know, St Paul’s churchyard is now full and has no more room for burials, although the interment of ashes can continue in the new area recently put aside for such purpose. Therefore, if any burials are wanted they have to take place some distance away at Berkhamsted or Tring. A considerable number of residents in the village are concerned about the situation as several generations of their families have been buried at St Paul’s and they wish this tradition to continue.

Consequently, at fairly short notice, a public meeting was called in mid June to enable people to express their opinions and to suggest possible means of enabling burials to continue in the village. The only real solution is to find land in the village which could be used for burials and as a result of the meeting a number of people stepped forward and offered to form a Steering Group to investigate possibilities.

The Group has already come to the conclusion that the only answer is to extend the existing churchyard by taking part of the Common, notably the very neglected and scrubby area at the Queen Street car park end of the churchyard.
To assess the general feelings of the village and to determine whether, or how, to progress this matter further, a questionnaire will shortly be delivered. Please take five minutes of your time to complete it for collection. Tony Briselden

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