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Chipperfield Men And Women Who Served In The Second World War

1st of October 2011

Thank you to the many people who help with our researches. The aim is to publish a book by November 2012, so time for collection of material is running out. Thanks to readers, we have recently had some success. For instance,
George Bunyan Son, Bill, has been contacted in Hemel Hempstead.
Ron Bass His sister-in-law has been discovered in Abbots Langley.
Harry Stevens His niece in Plymouth has sent a photograph. Did Howard and Pat Stevens have a son? Do you know him?
Betty Woods and Sylvia Voller Sisters who served in the WAAF and lived at Bucks Hill Cottages. A relative has been found in Surrey and she has done a family tree.
However, we still need your assistance and so please pass on anything that you know, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be. We should particularly like to have information about the following:-
F Baldwin Not Frank Baldwin, father of Arthur.
H.G.Carter We have sadly mislaid the details of a contact made three years ago.
Arthur Saunders We know he married Queenie Harding and did not have children but know nothing else about him.
C. Rogers We would like to contact his daughter, Sheila, who married Mick Fletcher.
Bill Squire Married Olive Wingfield, the butcher’s daughter. Margaret Orchard was a tiny bridesmaid but no other information so far.
A.E.Wallington Nothing known
If you are able to help, please contact Mary Nobbs, Dellfield, The Street, Chipperfield WD4 9BJ, Telephone: 01923 269480, e-mail:

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