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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of June 2011

May I humour you a little this month? Forgive me please if this seems stupid! But for just a moment contemplate the humble light bulb! Its whole purpose is to shine – to give light – for our benefit. So what would happen if you took hold of a light bulb, and simply told it to fulfil the purpose for which it was made! The poor light bulb would remain unchanged however much you commanded it! It can only shine if vitally connected to the electricity supply – obvious. And such is the case with so many things we make; from the clothes peg to the jumbo jet! They can only operate if there is input from outside.
And come to think of it, it is true for living things! A seed cannot grow without appropriate influence from outside of itself; my dog needs her dinner….and you and me? We are the most sophisticated of beings, but we need food for the welfare of our body,
input for the full use of our mind, love for the development of our emotions and compassion, all of which come from outside of us!
And what about our spirit, the real me, with all the potential that is within? This
month the church celebrates the Gift of God’s Spirit, a person described as one just like Jesus: The Holy Spirit, ready and willing to come and live in us, to be the power supply to enable us to be fully human – people growing in the likeness of our Creator: He is not just a force, that would be quite frightening, but He is a person who knows us, and was involved in the very creation of the person I have the potential to be!
Well, we know the purpose of the light bulb and how that purpose is realised. Christian faith tells us that our purpose is that we have been created to be those in whom the Living God dwells by his Holy Spirit, becoming more and more like him! It is abundantly clear when a light bulb is vitally connected! How about you and me?
With prayerful greetings, Jim Stevens

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