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May 2011

Horticultural Society Summer Show 2011

1st of May 2011

June is the month when the roses and sweet peas come into their own and there are several classes for both of these beautiful flowers at our Summer Show on Saturday 18 June to be held in the Village Hall. Other flowers such as delphiniums, sweet williams, pansies, pinks and pelargoniums all have their own […]

Service Recognised

1st of May 2011

The Post Office has recently recognised and congratulated Bipin Pathal on his ten years of service to the village as our Sub-Postmaster. Bipin has expressed his appreciation and thanks to all of us in the village for the use we make of the Post Office and the Village Shop. According to a recent report in […]

Chipperfield, One Of Btitain’s Top 12 Villages

1st of May 2011

in Britain. The survey, carried out in conjunction with local estate agents around the country, asked questions in four categories which they believe determine the character and desirability of a village, namely schools, transport, value and outdoor lifestyle. One of the researchers further narrowed the criteria of a perfect village down to her seven Ps; […]