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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of May 2011

It is early April as I write…deeply saddened by the crass stupidity of Pastor Terry
Jones, the Florida minister who burnt copies of the Koran… and utterly amazed that
he does not see any connection between this action and the subsequent horrendous
murder of United Nations officials in Afghanistan! His provocation by no means
excuses such an act of utterly unjust barbarism but would it have taken place had he
not been so blinkered? The name of Jesus Christ whom he purports to honour has been
blasphemed by his actions.
Now I come to fill in my census form – yes, a few days late! – and I find a question
about religion to fill in! Well, of course, I respond that I am Christian but suddenly I am faced with a real challenge having roundly condemned someone else who calls
himself that! For how does what I say and do match up to the quality of life of the one
I say I follow? – To the one I claim lives in me? For that is what a Christian is –
someone in whom Christ has been invited to come and dwell, to refashion their life
more and more to reflect His! Could others say of me, as I have said of Terry Jones,
that what I say and do – or don’t do – drags the names of Christ in the dirt?
Dare I ask you how you filled in that question in your census form? Did you indicate
that you were Christian? If so, could it be said that your life shines with the love and truth and beauty of Jesus Christ risen, so that others genuinely see Jesus Christ in you and the priorities of your daily life?
I am left challenged and called back to the One who loves me and gave Himself for
me….how might it be for you?
With my greetings, Jim Stevens

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