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Service Recognised

1st of May 2011

The Post Office has recently recognised and congratulated Bipin Pathal on his ten years of service to the village as our Sub-Postmaster. Bipin has expressed his
appreciation and thanks to all of us in the village for the use we make of the
Post Office and the Village Shop.
According to a recent report in The Sunday Times, a village Post Office and convenience store can add ten to twenty thousand pounds to the value of properties in a village. It is not only the convenience then that makes it in our
interest to ensure viability of the business. Bipin has noticed that over the years so many customers only use the Post Office. He points out that the Post Office would not survive alone without the shop.
Bipin says it is likely that he will retire in four or five years. Tongue in cheek, he suggests that we have “To use it or lose it” when it comes to survival of the service, if not for ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren when petrol prices hit £10 per gallon!

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