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Chipperfield Men And Women In World War Ii

1st of May 2011

I have received a delightful letter from John Barker in Reading detailing his wartime service and about his father, the village police constable. Jean Pilgrim has also written from the West Country about her late husband, John Pilgrim.
Please do keep your information
coming in.
Wartime service was not restricted to the men and women of Chipperfield who served with the armed forces. There were three men from Chipperfield who served with the
National Fire Service, one of those was Alf Brown, but who were the other two?
Chipperfield also provided two Bevan boys who served down the mines, a task that was never an easy option. These were Eddie Chalk and Ron Gurney. Are you able to provide any information about them? Geoff Baldwin was called up to supervise work for the government on food production and there was one other person so far unidentified who had a similar role. Once again I would ask for your help in providing information, photos, telephone numbers or address details for relatives of the above men.
If you think you are able to help in any way, please do get in contact with me.
Mary Nobbs, Dellfield, The Street,
Chipperfield, WD4 9BJ.
01923 269480

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