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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of March 2011

A few weeks ago I was somewhat amazed to learn that recent surveys have
concluded that two in every three adults in the USA, and every other adult in UK,
do not believe the science concerning climate change. Why might this be?
Certainly there is some degree of doubt as to the rate of change of climate due to
human activity, but the link between the rise in greenhouse gases and global
warming is clear to see.
So why so much disbelief? My sense is that none of us find it easy to face changes
in the way we have become accustomed to living which will inconvenience us.
Refusing to believe the evidence means we can dismiss facing the challenge of
doing something we do not want to do. The results of these surveys reveal that lots
of us would rather enjoy now, and let our children and grandchildren pay later!
(Global warming is not the only issue where we seem to behave in similar
It concerns me that much popular thinking seeks to bolster belief that there can be
no God – for to believe in God means I am responsible in some way or another to
higher authority – and yet reject science when it raises other issues we would
rather duck! Where is the consistency in this?
How easily we only listen to what we want to hear! I find myself facing the
question as to where in my thinking do I behave in such a manner? Would you like
to ask yourself the same question? With my greetings, Jim Stevens
PS. As someone with a scientific training, evidence is important to me. As a
believer in Christ, I see no contradiction between proper scientific investigation
and a Creator God, and realised many years ago that facing up to the reality of
Jesus Christ is an amazingly positive and life enriching thing to do, rather than the
opposite, which so many people seem to think!

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