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St Paul’s School

1st of November 2010

Assembly News

On Tuesday 7th September the Bishop of St. Albans came to open our new Year 4, 5 and 6 block.
In assembly he talked about what he does around our county. We found out there were 127 Church of England schools in the county. He also told us that he opened about 25 churches a week.
After that he came over to the new block and opened it. There was a purple cloth over a wooden sign on the wall and when he took it off everyone cheered!
Anjali Moser, Year 6

Eco schools

Last year we achieved the silver award and this year we are working toward the green flag.
It would be great if someone would donate something to us like a bird table or some tools.
We are trying to get lots of wildlife in the field or playground.
Katie Matthews, Year 5


There will be lots of sports clubs on this half term.
Mr. Fanshaw will be running his usual football club.
Watford Football Club girls and boys football are coming in. Also there will be Gym, Boogaloo, Cross country and Netball.
Bella Kear, Year 6


Thank you for:
Our kind and caring school,
The helpful year sixes,
Our terrific teachers.

Thank you for:
The fantastic fruit,
Mouth-watering melon,
The wonderful water.

Thank you for:
The massive Mountains,
The immense Earth,
The amazing animals.

Thank you God for:
All the things you gave us

By Athina Maneli, Year 6

General News

On Monday 20th September the Hertfordshire Air Ambulance visited St Paul’s School. All of the pupils were very excited about the helicopter landing in their school field. When it landed, everyone was buzzing with excitement. There were four staff in the helicopter: a paramedic, a doctor, the pilot and a person in training from university. They answered many questions from all the pupils, like “have you had any recent rescues?” They had not! A pupil said it was an amazing experience seeing them and finding out what they did.
Everyone wanted to know everything about their job and what was their favourite part of being air ambulance staff. Here are some quotes from the children: “I was surprised and happy!”, “it was really exciting and really interesting” also “cool, interested” and finally “amazed!”
Fleur West, Year 6

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